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SUBJECT [January 28, 2014] WIZnet Newsletter
[WIZnet e-Newsletter]  January 28, 2014
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Small W5500 & AVR XMEGA MCU ? Internet Module
We like to highlight 3rd Party Module “Network Adapter” using our W5500 chip. The Company eHaJo German consultant. Mr. Hannes Jochriem providing development service and offering assembly sets, Evaluation-Boards and special Modules. 
The “SPI-Netzwerkadapter WIZnet W5500" is combining our W5500 chip plus Atmel’s AVR ATxmega8E5 (..16E5 and ..32E5 also possible) the RJ45 connector and some pin headers on a small and very useful Module.
The W5500 provide up to 8 Internet connectors by it’s unique Hardwired TCP/IP engine. The Atmel XMEGA 8E5 MCU provide 10k Flash + 1k RAM for small applications like network setup. Atmel provide footprint compatible version with up to 36k FALSH and 4k RAM memory for bigger applications like Sensor and Actuator or simple Serial-to-Ethernet functions.
XMEGA Web Server Board (WIZnet Applied) ? Elektor Journal
On October 2013, Elektor Journal introduced XMEGA Web Server Board their network module is WIZnet’s WIZ820io.
This article was published in 6 languages in the Europe Area having some marketing effect about WIZnet’s product.
And, this project introduction article occupied even 11 pages among whole 82 page of this journal. The below main title picture shows this module and some basic information about this projects. 
You can see the WIZ820io module more detail in some other pages like below.
Souliss A5 over DINo II by KMP Electronics
After some time spent on tuning Souliss drivers for WIZnet W5200 Ethernet controller equipped on KMP Electronics DINo v2, we got a full support of new features included in new Alpha 5 with focus on plug & play.
Diving into the examples prepared for DINo you will found no longer need to set Quick Configuration parameters and IP configuration, that's the new in Sketch mode included in the last Souliss release. Just load the example on your DINo and connect the boards to the network, they will join and be discovered by your Android smartphone automatically, doesn't matter your IP configuration.
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