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SUBJECT [February 28, 2014] WIZnet Newsletter
[WIZnet e-Newsletter]  February 28, 2014
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W5500 driver for Parallax Processor.
Parallax Processor
Do you know the Parallax processor? It’s a multicore microcontroller, with shared memory and a built-in interpreter for programming in a high-level object-based language, called Spin™, and low-level (assembly) language. With the set of pre-built Parallax “objects” for video, mice, keyboards, NTSC/VGA displays, LCDs, and sensors, your application is a matter of high-level integration with Propeller microcontrollers. The Propeller is designed for high-speed embedded processing while maintaining low power, low current consumption and a small physical footprint. For more information >>
Porting W5500 driver on parallax
In 2012, I ported the W5200 driver on Parallax using Mke Gebhard’s source code. What I did was changing  the SPI routine and modifying the read/write function. In this work I didn’t use the assembler language for  better code readability and easy porting. Recently I made another porting for W5500 and tested some interesting examples.  Most interesting example is the Html 5 Webserver showing the real time data in the graph and all the source code are opened on Github.
WizFi210/220 ? Best helper for Home Automation.
In present, the majority on electronic appearance are mainly manual products. This causes a lot of problems and reduces the performance in a comfortable standard of living in this modern world. Therefore the development on Home automation network with those products will be a practical valuable and provides a promising future for electronic & network market. In the future, this technology won’t be the replacement of unrealistic and expensive products but in a meaning of convenient.
 For Home Automation design, it requires to solve the following two issues:
1.How to control the power switch for those appearances?
2.How to communicate with those appearances?
In most of the countries, the development of telephone lines, networking cables are starting to get mature and stable. Therefore in this article will mainly focusing on WiFi systems.
As WIFI related products are starting to be popular, these simplify the networking setup for this system.
For more information >>
Espruino with WIZnet W5500.
Espruino is an Interactive JavaScript interpreter for Microcontrollers, so you can program them quickly and easily. The Espruino Board is a specially designed computer with Espruino software pre-installed. It complements the Espruino software with masses of functionality and great battery life. The commands you use when programming Espruino are very similar to those used when programming an Arduino so if you can program an Arduino you can program an Espruino!
Espruino was successfully funded at Kickstarter.com and a few days ago, they post the Espruino with
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