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SUBJECT [April 15, 2014] WIZnet Newsletter
[WIZnet e-Newsletter]  April 15, 2014
WIZnet W5500 powers industrial automation applications: Industruino
Industruino is a project created by two designers residents in Beijing. It’s a fully featured Arduino Leonardo compatible board housed in a DIN-rail mountable case + prototyping area + onboard LCD + membrane panel. With this product you will be able to permanently install your Arduino application in no-time. Whether you use it for automation projects, data loggers or an interactive art installation, Industruino offers you ruggedness, plenty of features and low cost.
Differences between W7100 and W7100A

W7100A is the upgraded version of W7100. The main differences are as follows:

If you are using W7100 user software ported to W7100A, you must pay attention to the following points:

  1. If there is no additional pull-up/down circuit for GPIO, the W7100A GPIO port can only be used after setting the pull-up/down register. User who need to use GPIO port must set pull-up/down of GPIO when initializing W7100A in order to use normal  0 ~ 3.3V  input/output voltage.
  2. Since the PHY mode setting pins are deleted in the W7100A QFN64pin package. User must set operation mode of W7100A using PHTCONF SFR (Special Function Register). Set the MODE_EN bit and the MODE [2:0] bit of register PHYCONF SFR. Then set the PHY_RSTn bit  of PHYCONF SFR to reset W7100A. For more specific information about the operation mode value depending on MODE[2:0] bit, please refer to the PM pin value of W7100A Datasheet, “Pin Description” section.
Internet Protocol Raw mode test using the W5500
This video shows the test process and test result of W5500 IPRAW mode.
W5500 IPRAW mode can handle IP layer’s upper protocol in the TCP/IP Layer.
W5500 IPRAW mode supports transport layer protocol such as ICMP(0×01),IGMP(0×02),TCP(0×06) and UDP(0×11) according to the protocol field of IP header depending on the protocol number.
The echo function of ICMP is already implemented in W5500 as a hardwired logic but when the user needs, the host can directly process the ICMP function including echo function by opening the Socket n as an IPRAW mode.
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