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SUBJECT [April 30, 2014] WIZnet Newsletter
[WIZnet e-Newsletter]  April 30, 2014
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WizFi250 powered Arduino-compatible WiFi Shield (Fi250) from Seeedstudio

Seeedstudio released the WizFi250 powered Arduino-compatible WiFi Shield (Fi250). The shield delivers Wi-Fi over 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n at up to 65Mbits/s.    It has a built-in antenna to conserve space, but if you need to expand your range, you can attach an external antenna to the U.FL connector.  It also has AP (access point) mode which is easily activated by a touch of a button.  Or take advantage of the Micro SD card socket and log some data while the shield is acting like a TCP or UDP server.  Either way this shield offers multiple options and with the addition of two Grove connectors, you can’t really go wrong.

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Home Automation Remote Control from iOS or Android
The process of creating Arduino-based automation systems is generally something tackled and need a large amount of time.
Arduino Manager is an app, for iPhone and iPad, to control your Arduino board and receive information from it through Ethernet, WIFi and BLE. It integrate between iOS devices and Arduino has never been so easy. Here’s how to use it to control your Arduino from a mobile or tablet.
Embedded Web Server

Embedded Web Server has been demonstrated by Mortadha Dahmani, who has created a webserver use Arduino UNO and WIZ550io module.

He used Wiznet Ethernet library for Arduino and you can learn more about from his Github site.

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