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SUBJECT [July 15, 2014] WIZnet Newsletter
[WIZnet e-Newsletter]  JULY 15, 2014
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Creating a SCADA system with WidgeDuino

WidgeDuino ? which recently made its Kickstarter debut ? is an intelligent and easily configurable Windows-based application for communication between a Microsoft Windows platform and a microcontroller based system such as an Atmel-based Arduino board.

Essentially, WidgeDuino communicates with the microcontroller system via serial protocol or TCP/IP.

“This includes, amongst others, keypad, LEDs, gauges, knobs, sliders, thermometers, tanks and buttons. Its intuitive approach to communication simplifies rapid prototyping and development of a complete automation system.”

More specifically, Widgeduino is based on Microsoft’s .NET framework, using the popular Visual Studio Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) as its designer. It leverages National Instrument controls to enable the control of devices connected to the microcontroller system.  As noted above, the app runs on a Windows system and supports both wired and wireless connections.

“Widgeduino comes with built-in APIs which facilitate addition of user-friendly widgets to embedded designs,” Nazir continued. “The libraries are primarily designed for communication with Arduino boards.”

Widgeduino offers two primary modes of operation:

  • Widgeduino over Serial: Serial based point-to-point (using RS232) or wireless point-to-multipoint (via Xbee 802.15.4) communication between the Widgeduino application and Arduino boards.
  • Widgeduino over Internet: IP based networking to enable Internet of Things (IoT). This mode can also be used as a hybrid (i.e. with Serial and IP protocol) to connect serial devices over internet with the Widgeduino app.

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ProDiNo ? W5200

KMP electronics released a new module for home automation, which is named  ‘ProDiNo’.
ProDino based on the W5200 Ethernet chip.
It is fully compatible with Arduino IDE, Arduino LEONARDO compatible bootloader and ATMEGA32U4.

Target Application

  • Home Automation
  • Home Automation with Souliss framework + Android app
  • Access Control
  • Serial to Ethernet adapter
  • WEB Relay Control
  • WEB optical inputs check
  • Remote relay control
  • Data Collection to WEB Data Base
  • Temperature WEB Monitor
  • UDP / TCP Relay control, inputs check
  • Twitter Update

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[YouTube] Uploading Temperature to www.grovestreams.com using Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield + LM35

Read ADC from LM35 data using Pin A5 Arduino UNO
then upload temperature data using Ethernet Shield over Internet. Dont forget to shared your internet connection to your Arduino.

Here the Source Code:

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