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SUBJECT [August 14, 2014] WIZnet Newsletter
[WIZnet e-Newsletter]  AUGUST 14, 2014
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Convert Optical Mouse into Arduino Web Camera

Optical mouse uses a small camera that records surface to calculate movements of the mouse. In this tutorial he will show you how to display video signal of this camera in your browser. The mouse he took apart was an old Logitech RX 250 which contains ADNS-5020 optical sensor. This sensor records 15×15 pixel images in grayscale. It also calculates X-Y movements of the mouse.

To get the things running you will need:
- arduino
- ethernet shield
- optical mouse with ADNS-5020 sensor
- 10K ohm resistor

Connect everything together

Make sure that pins (NRESET, NCS, DSIO, SCLK) of the sensor don’t connect to anything on the mouse board.
If they do, cut the traces. (I removed the main chip and some resistors to achieve the same thing.)

Solder 10K ohm resistor between NRESET and +5V. Then solder wires (approx. 20cm) to pins NCS, DSIO, SCLK, +5V, GND.
This is a scheme that you should end with:

Put Ethernet shield on arduino and connect it to local network.
Then connect mouse sensor to arduino like this:
+5V ????? Arduino +5V
GND ????? Arduino GND
NCS ????? Arduino digital pin 7
SDIO ????? Arduino digital pin 6
SCLK ????? Arduino digital pin 5

For more infomation

Open Source Arduino Smart Home Automation

Hardware Feature

  •         8 Digital Output Control
  •         4 Analog Input Sensor
  •         Control via TCP/IP or Internet
  •         Control with Web Browser or Android App

Software Feature

  •          Arduino Web Server TCP/IP ( LAN )
  •          Set your device name and sensor name
  •          Sensor Control Output Automatically.
  •          Set your IP Address and port
  •         Real time status

Hardware Device

  •      Arduino MEGA Board or compatible board.
  •      Ethernet (WIZnet 5100) Shield
  •      Relay Board
  •      Light Sensor or Motion Sensor or other


Wiring Diagram

Device1  Arduino Output PIN 2
Device2  Arduino Output PIN 3
Device3  Arduino Output PIN 4
Device4  Arduino Output PIN 5
Device5  Arduino Output PIN 6
Device6  Arduino Output PIN 7
Device7  Arduino Output PIN 8
Device8  Arduino Output PIN 9

Analog Input Sensor1   -  Arduino PIN A0  to Control Output 5
Analog Input Sensor2   -  Arduino PIN A1  to Control Output 6
Analog Input Sensor3   -  Arduino PIN A2  to Control Output 7
Analog Input Sensor4   -  Arduino PIN A3  to Control Output 8

app. download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=arduino.smarthome.automation

For more imformation

[YouTube] Arduino ? Datalogger with Temperature Sensor and Photoresistor

In this project he is going to create a simple Datalogger with his Arduino and an Ethernet shield.

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