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SUBJECT [September 16, 2014] WIZnet Newsletter
[WIZnet e-Newsletter]  SEPTEMBER 16, 2014
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Introducing WIZnet Shield Product

WIZnet, the leading expert in providing embedded networking solutions, supplies Ethernet communication-related Hardware TCP/IP chips, modules and Wi-Fi modules. During the great influence of the global Open Source Hardware trend, our W5100 was chosen as Arduino’s Ethernet solution in 2008; and we develop as well as supply other various Shield products that offer Ethernet and Wi-Fi Internet capabilities. This post will introduce the various types of Shield products provided here at WIZnet.

1. Arduino Compatible Platform
The first platform that comes to mind with ‘Open Source Hardware’ is most likely Arduino. As stated, the W5100 is already being used for Arduino Ethernet Shield along with for Arduino Ethernet board but WIZnet recently launched new products including WizFi Shield, which are W5500 and W5200 based Ethernet Shields with Wi-Fi capabilities, to inspire even more Open Hardware innovators.

First, there are 3 kinds of Shields with Ethernet capabilities.
Next, there are 2 types of Shields with added on Wi-Fi capabilities. Both products can SPI Interface with Arduino Uno board.
2. TI and Renesas Platform Compatible Shield
As the Open Source Hardware trend quickly spread internationally, main MCU vendors also started supplying Open Hardware Platforms- TI MSP430 base LaunchPad Board and Japanese Renesas GR-Kurumi Board are examples of such platforms. Now to add on Ethernet capabilities to these boards, the two below types of Shields can be used.

Upgrade W5500 Throughput on STM32F401RE Using SPI DMA

WIZnet W5500 supports up to 80MHz SPI Clock so users with an MCU that provide a high-speed SPI communication can enjoy maximum ethernet throughput. In this post, I will show how STM32 MCU can achieve the best throughput with W5500.

When using Cortex M3/M4 line’s 32bit processors from STMicro, the ethernet throughput greatly varies upon which SPI communication mode is used. I will compare the difference of throughput between using SPI standard mode and using SPI DMA mode.

Consist of

MCU board : Nucleo STM32F401RE

Ethernet controller : WIZnet WIZ550io(W5500 inside)

Pin connection
The pin connection between the MCU board and WIZnet WIZ550io is shown in the table below.
First, connect the Power line.

Second, connect SPI signals. But, connect SCS pin to GPIOA_Pin12 because I’m going to handle it in Software method.

Third, connect RSTn pin to GPIOA_Pin11 to reset WIZ550io.

Finally, connect RDY pin that signals WIZ550io initialization is complete to GPIOA_Pin1 .

It is not crucial that RSTn pin and RDY pin be connected but it’s best for stability.

How to implement SPI protocol 

SPI protocol to control W5500 is the same in both SPI Standard mode and SPI DMA mode. However, the difference between two modes is whether there is idle time between data on SPI bus.

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[Tutorial] WIZ550S2E + RS-422/485 Device Connection

How to connect RS-422/485 Device with WIZ550S2E module

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