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SUBJECT [October 2014] WIZnet Maker Space Newsletter
October 2014
Maker Space Newsletter
UCC/UCA Treasure

IoT Printer by Adafruit

Adafruit, the open hardware leader, released a project package "Internet of Things Printer". The little printer connects to Ethernet to get Internet data for printing. The example sketch will connect to Twitter's search API and retrieve and print tweets according to your requests.

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Make an Easy Button Tweet

Just press the button! and it getrates a semi random Tweet. This project is abount the method to make a microcontroller tweet without using a third party proxy server. WIZnet's WIZ811MJ module is used for making the TCP/IP connection.

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WIZnet W5200 Arduino Shield

The Elecrow W5200 is a very speedy and easy to use alternative to the standard Arduino W5100 based solution. By using W5200, they could improve the SPI performance. This article explains how easily you can use W5200.

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Doorbell with PushingBox

Use an Arduino, a Ethernet Shield (based on W5100 ) and an option IP camera to build a doorbell that send you a Push notification on your phone and an email with a picture of the person at the door.

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WIZnet Tutrorial

Upgrade W5500 Throughput on STM32F401RE using SPI DMA

WIZnet W5500 supports up to 80MHz SPI Clock so users with an MCU that provide a high-speed SPI communication can enjoy maximum ethernet throughput. In this post, I will show how STM32 MCU can achieve the best throughput with W5500.

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How to remote monitor ultrasonic sensor using ioShield-A & IoT Server

Let your Arudino Uno read the sensor value and send it to Xively, one of the most popular IoT Server. WIZnet's ioShield-A will make the TCP/IP connection with the server.

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Learning Eagle CAD

Eagle CAD is a free PCB design tool for printed circuit board. It provides various examples. Arduino (the OHP leader) also releases all of their design files made by Eagle CAD. WIZnet provides some basic tips for using this tool.

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WIZnet Design Challenge WINNERs

Back in March 2014, WIZnet launched the Connect the Magic 2014 Design Challenge and called on engineers aroud the globe to join the IoT revolution. The challenge was to incorporate at least one WIZ550io or W5500 in inventive 'Net-connected systems. After reviewing all the entries and scoring them on the technical merit, orginality, usefullness, cost-effectiveness and design optimiztion, the judges' results are now final. Congrautations to all winners!.

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