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SUBJECT [November 2014] WIZnet Maker Space Newsletter
November 2014
Maker Space Newsletter
WIZnet Treasures

Uber Home Automation

This is a Home automation systme using open source hardware platform such as Arduino & Raspberry Pi. This Instructable will be a tutorial for how to build a variety of long range wireless sensors, and how to integrate these sensors into a sophisticated open source home automation server.

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Haunt Box

We introduce a Hanut Box that made by ATMEL's Atmega2560 & WIZnet's W5100. The Hauntbox makes physical things happen based on inputs from sensors in the real world. It is a prop controller and automation machine that is browser-configured, open source and Arduino-compatible.

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Classroom Access Control

This 'Classroom Access Control' system has been developed by using RFID & Ethernet Shield (in which W5100 is embedded). It gathers the location information using Google map API and transmits the data to the Twitter through Xively & Zaiper service.

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Twitter Enabled Text to Speech

This project uses an Arduino to send your Twitter stream to a voice generator chip called the SpeakJet. This project can be extended to other application where we'd want to translate text into speech such as talking robot.

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WIZnet Tutorials

To Develop Fire Alarm System using WIZ550io & SNS

This tutorial explains how to make the fire alarm system in the home. If the temperature gets higher than the threshold, the system detects it & sends alarm message to the Facebook. It uses Freecale's KL-25Z for the MCU board and WIZ550io for the TCP/IP networking.

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How to Use Ethernet Shield

We are introuding a tutorial "How to use Arduino Ethernet Shield". This tutorial easily explain how you can apply the sample code provided by Arduino IDE.

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WizFi250 Twitter Example

Arduino provides the twitter example code. This code sends the twitting message to the server via proxy server (arduino-tweet.appsopt.com). This tutorial explains how to send the twitting message using Arduino twitter example and WizFi250 (the Wi-Fi module).

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New Product Release - WIZ550web

WIZnet recently launched the WIZ550web, the Embedded Web Server module in which W5500 chip is used. If you use this module, you can configure & control digital I/Os & analog inputs at the web browser. You can also have your own web page by using demonstration html sources provided by WIZnet.

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