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SUBJECT [December 2014]WIZnet Maker Space Newsletter
December 2014
Maker Space Newsletter
WIZnet Treasures


This is an Aquaponics control system based on Open Hardware Platform. It uses Arduino Mega to connect the most of the senors and Ethernet Shield (W5100) to tranmist the data to the Server. User can monitor or control each sensor node through web server.

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Speed-o-Meter visualises the network usage at an event. Internet usage passed through WIZ550io to Arduino that controls the servo motor and RGB LED strip according to the usage.

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W5500 & ioShield-A What's old is new again!

This article represents the comparsion of new W5500 with other WIZnet chip solution. It explains W5500 is more prominent than others in the aspects of price, implementation and performance.

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W5100 Application Examples with Swordfish BASIC

In the Swordfish site, there is a W5100 page which introduces two application examples (HTTP Server, SOAP 1.1 Web service) with Swordish BASIC. Swordish is a modular PIC BASIC compiler for the PIC18 family of PIC microcontroller.

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WIZnet Tutorials

W5500 Linux Driver

This tutorial provides the porting guide of W5500 Linux driver using W5500's MACRAW mode. W5300E01-ARM board is used for the Linux base board (Samsung ARM, S3C2410A, 200MHz &266MHz., 32bit RISC). The driver is optimized to the Linux Kernel

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WiFi Remote Controller for Canon DSLR

This project develops remote controller & receiver to control Canon DSLR camera using WizFi250. WizFi250 operates as Soft AP to support direct WiFi connection with Smart Phone. In this tutorial, you could get the source code for smart phone app to control camera shutter and focus.

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WizFi250 Air Command

Normally, we are using AT commands for the configuration or function implementation of WizFi250. The commands can be transferred only through serial (UART) interface. The Air Command enables you to use the AT commands through WiFi. Therefore, you can handle WizFi250 from PC or smart phone without physical serial interface.

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