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SUBJECT [January 2015]WIZnet Maker Space Newsletter
January 2015
Maker Space Newsletter
 Embedded World 2015

WIZnet invites you to join us at Embedded World 2015!

WIZnet will announce its mission to improve its positioning within the semiconductor market as the sole HW TCP/IP leader with the proven W5100 and the upcoming IOP processor W7500. WIZnet will also explain the IOP4IoT concept along with other topics such as Internet Offload (Unattackable) Processor, WizWiki W7500 OSHW Platform, WIZnet Museum, and much more.

- Date : 24 ~ 26, Feburuary, 2015
- Place : Exhibition Center, Nurnberg, Germany
- WIZnet Booth ; Hall 2 /2-409
 WIZnet Treasures

Barley's Automated Cat Feeder

This is an auger-based automatic cat feeder. Several pounds of cat food are stored in the reservoir above the auger, and the feeder is programmed to automatically dispense 1/4-cup of food in the morning and evning

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W5500 Application Example with Swordfish BASIC

This project is introducing W5500 Application Example Code (HTTP Server & SOAP Web Service) in the Swordfish compiler Wiki Site. Swordfish is a highly structured, modular PIC® BASIC compiler for the PIC18 family of PIC®microcontrollers. 

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Iowa Aquaponics

Iowa Aquapoinic is a plaform for IoT Cloud service. It uses environment DAQ, the open source Arduino to track air temperature, relative humidity and light. The Ethernet Shield tranmits the sensing data to IoT Server.

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Bonjour zeroconf with Arduino

Bonjour is Apple's implementation of Zero-configuration networking (Zeroconf), a set of technologies that automatically creates a usable computer network based on TCP/IP. The author provides the Bojour library that can be used for Ethernet enabled Arduino.

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 WIZnet Tutorials

W5500 ARM mbed library

As an offical ARM mbed partner, WIZnet has released ARM mbed Library. This library supports W5100, W5200 & W5500. We tested is with serveral mbed platform. This tutorial explains how you to port the library on mbed platform .
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How to implement "Remote Control" using WIZnet

“Remote Control” means the connection and control of the embedded devices from a remote location through a wired or wireless network. We will provide a simple guide how you can implement “Remote Control” function in your device using WIZnet products.
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WizFi250-EVB for Arduino WiFi Shield

WizFi250-EVB can be used not only for evaluation of WizFi250 module but also for Arduino WiFi Shield. This tutorial explains how you can set the board in the initial step when you use it as WiFi Shield.
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