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SUBJECT [February 2015] WIZnet Maker Space Newsletter
February 2015
Maker Space Newsletter
 WIZnet e-brochure

WIZnet improves its positioning as the sole HW TCP/IP leader & processor vendor within the semiconductor market, and will soon release an IOP (Internet Offload Processor), W7500.

The new brochure explains the meaning of "Unattackable", the core technology of IOP. You can also understand W7500 WizWiki platform & WIZnet's activities as an OSHW leader.

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 WIZnet Treasures

IoT W5500 Ethernet Module

'IoT W5500 Ethernet Module' is very similar to WIZ820io, the compact sized network module that was developed by WIZnet using W5200 chip. IoT W5500 is compatible with PCB footprint of WIZ820io. If you are using WIZ820io now, you can easily migrate to IoT W5500 modue.

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Smart Homer, Web-enabled TV Remote

Smart Homer is web-enabled puppet that turns on your TV when Simpsons is on. As Homer is tool lazy to browse the web himself, a script in the cloud checks the online TV program . If Simpsons is on, the script triggers the Arduino Web service.

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Plant-In City

This revolutionary planter system contains built-in sensors and Arduino Ethernet to provide the web linking the sensors & contrl systems for water & light. This Kick Start project was funded that pledged of $25,000 goal.

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Arduino Seismic Activity Monitor

This project will allow you to hook up a seismic sensor to a router through Ethernet Shield, and host a webpage. This webpage will then displsy information about the seismic senosr and the history of its activity

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 WIZnet Tutorials

Unattackable Hardware TCP/IP

As the IoT device continues to increase, IoT devices will be faced with the network flooding attack, such as DDoS, more frequently. Weakness of these IoT device must be a great opportunity to WIZnet's Hardware TCP/IP, the TOE(TCP Offload Engine)

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How to implement FTP server using W5500-EVB

This tutorial explains how to implement and test the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server code which has been released by WIZnet.

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WizFi250 GPIO & ADC with Smart Phone

We are introducing an example code to control the LED & read the value of variable resistor of WizFi250-EVB. Without additional MCU board, a smart phone App directly connects to WizFi250-EVB and controls GPIOs.

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