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SUBJECT [March 2015] WIZnet Maker Space Newsletter
March 2015
Maker Space Newsletter
 WIZnet Treasures

ModBus TCP Server

We are introducing two examples about Modbus TCP server for industrial devices. One is very simple but perfect in operation, and the other is more complex with Multiple I/Os using Arduino, Ethernet Shield and Raspbery Pi.

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ISS Lamp, NTP Clock - Artpiece

A geek idea collected $18,000 fund at the Kick Starter! ISS Lamp lights up a powerful LED whenever the International Space Station passes by. It stays lit as long as the station is more than 10 degrees above the horizon.

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Super Graphing Data Logger

This project provide how you can monitor real-time data without using any cloud server. The Arduino collects the sensing data into the SD card and provides the web service through Etheret Shield. SGDL (Super Graphing Data Log) sketch will display the sensing data

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GPS BUS Notifier

If you use GPS BUS Notifier system, you can always arrive at the BUS station on time and get on the bus without waiting. The GPS system detects the location of a bus and notify it through Ethernet. This project is based on Arduino Nano and W5200 Ethernet Shield.

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 WIZnet Tutorials

How to connect mbed LPC114FN28 to AXEDA for Internet of Things

LPC114FN28 is mbed-enabled platform board. As it has very small memory, it's not possible to operate a RTOS, nor connect with Ethernet. For this kind of system, WIZnet is best-fit solution for Ethernet connectivity. This tutorial exaplains how you can connect the LPC114FN28 to athe AXEDA (Cloud Server) using WIZ550io.

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How to implement the Web Server for real-time monitoring using ioShield-A

In WIZnet Museum, you can get some references about Web Server implementation. In this tutorial, we will provide the web server example to display the sensor value (ADC) using Gauge. You will use the JAVA script for Gauge display and ioShield-A (in which W5500 is embedded) for Ethernet connectivity.

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PubNub with WizFi250

This tutorial explains how you can connect WizFi250 with PubNub, one of the most popular cloud service.

PubNub provides a cloud service for IoT devices. Just by registering PubNub, you can connect your device to the Internet for real time monitoring.

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