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SUBJECT [April 2015] WIZnet Maker Space Newsletter
April 2015
Maker Space Newsletter
 WIZnetian.com OPEN


WIZnet opened a community site, www.WIZnetian.com for makers, hobbyists, customers and any developers who are interested in the IoT (Internet Of Things) and WIZnet products.
Please visit the site and become a WIznetian- we would like to share and collaborate on new ideas with you about the latest trend of the IoT, OSH, internet technology and WIZnet products.

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 IOP(Internet Offload Processor) W7500 Release



WIZnet releases the world’s first IOP (Internet Offload Processor) W7500 chip that embeds the ARM Cortex-M0 and Hardwired TCP/IP stack targeting the IoT market. W7500 & its test board, ‘WIZWiki-W7500’ are designed to be ARM mbed- enabled and Arduino compatible. Now, You can receive a free sample of ‘WIZWiki-W7500’ at the WIZnetian.com.

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 WIZnet Treasures

Hot Water Solart Boiler

This project is using Xbee wireless solution to transfer sensor and actuator data from a receiver which is placed at a boiler side. An ITEAD board is used for controller, a kind of gateway to receive the Xbee data, connect to the Internet and send data to Smart Living IoT Cloud platform..

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WiFi ArduiCar

The aim of this project is to enable the RC Car to be controlled via WiFi using Arduino Uno and WizFiShield (WizFi210). It provides the specific web server or android app source for the users who will implment the control UI

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Morse Code with Ethernet Shield

This project is using Arduino and Ethernet Shield to beep Morse Code. If someone sends the text messages through Telnet application, the Arduino receives the data and convert them into Morse Code.

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IOT Base Station

IoT base station is a very interesting idea using W5500. Unlike other open source approaches, this board loads the bootloader software not using TFTP from the local network, but via HTTP from the Internet.

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 WIZnet Tutorials

Flashing STM32 via serial line on Linux

This tutorial shows how to flash an stm32, e.g., WIZ550web on linux via serial line. It is showing how to download, install stm32flash on a linux system. Also it is shown how to combine bootloader and application files with padding.
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SNMP applications based on W5500 & STM32

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an “Internet-standard protocol for managing devices on IP networks”. SNMP support 5 basic core protocol data units (PDUs), they are GetRequest, GetNextRequest, SetRequest, GetResponse and Trap. SNMP is using one request and one reply protocol except Trap as Trap does not need to reply..

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WizFi250 Automatic Re-Association

In order to connect to external network, WizFi250 needs to keep connecting to the AP. However due to unexpected RF environment, the connection can be closed. In this case, WizFi250 itself should try to associate with the AP with the command 'AT+WCHECK'

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