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SUBJECT [ET News] Korean Smart Meter Chip Won European Hearts
NAME WIZnet DATE 2011-04-11 HIT 11911

Korean Smart Meter Chip Won European Hearts

2011/04/11 By Yoo Sun-il

Internet processor chips developed by a Korean venture company are gaining popularity in the European smart meter market.

On April 7, CEO Lee Yoon-bong said that WIZnet, which is specialized in embedded, Internet-enabled, fabless semiconductors, plans to achieve a US$3 million sales revenue in the European smart meter market this year through its new products such as a smart meter module “WIZ-SM10” and a micro controller unit (MCU) “iMCU W7100A.” Both of the products were developed last year. In term of export revenues, WIZnet generated US$700,000 in 2009 and US$1.5 million in 2010, respectively.

Since 2009 when WIZnet began supplying its chips to a German smart meter manufacturer in a form of module, WIZnet’s chips have been rapidly penetrating into the European smart grid and smart meter market. Currently, over 10 companies are developing and producing smart grid related products equipped with WIZnet’s chipset.

WIZnet is making solutions for short-range wireless communication interfaces after establishing partnerships with European companies specialized in the development of RFID and ZigBee. Along with this effort, WIZnet is going to develop security solutions for smart meters by conducting a joint research with ESCRYPT, an encryption algorithm research institute.

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