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SUBJECT Symmetry Electronics and WIZnet Announce Global Distribution Agreement
NAME WIZnet DATE 2012-10-03 HIT 9724

Symmetry Electronics and WIZnet Announce Global Distribution Agreement

Symmetry Electronics, a leader in design oriented semiconductor distribution, announced today that it has signed an agreement to add WIZnet, a leading provider of chip-oriented application modules and evaluation boards as well as fully hardwired TCP/IP chips, to its line card.

Under the terms of the agreement, Symmetry Electronics is authorized to promote and sell the complete line of WIZnet chips, modules, external device servers and development tools worldwide. WIZnets core technology is a silicon-proven TCP/IP Hardware Stack, which best fits OS-less devices and is also compatible with any embedded OS. This technology offloads Internet processing and provides extremely stable operation and higher performance with simple module or chip plug in. WIZnet products are ideal for adding Internet to existing devices in applications including access and security controls, factory automations, smart meters, digital set top boxes, medical devices, digital tachometers.

Gil Zaharoni, Symmetry Electronics CEO said: We look for specialized supplier partners whom we feel comfortable working with to support our customers through all stages of the design process. WIZnets positive track record, existing product line and future development strategy directly correspond to the Symmetry values and compliment our line card in a way we are very pleased with.

YB Lee, WIZnet CEO said: We are pleased to have Symmetry Electronics, a leading partner in wireless and embedded markets, and I believe that rich experiences of Symmetry combined with unique technologies of WIZnet will promise much bigger customer satisfactions in the embedded Internet markets.

In addition to fully hardwired TCP/IP chips, WIZnet produces various MCU chips, chip-oriented modules, WiFi modules, and evaluation boards, and is continuously working to increase its performance and reduce cost. For more information or to purchase WIZnet products, visit the Symmetry ecommerce site: SemiconductorStore.com.

About Symmetry Electronics

Founded in 1998, Symmetry Electronics Corp. is a supplier-authorized, global distributor specializing in the distribution of wireless, video, and embedded semiconductor products. Symmetry provides sales, logistics, design and manufacturing support from its world headquarters in Southern California, local field offices and a robust ecommerce and einformation website http://www.SemiconductorStore.com. Symmetry Electronics is ISO9001:2008 certified and supports its customer base with factory trained FAEs, deep inventory, and product selection expertise. For more information on Symmetry Electronics or to view their complete line card, visit http://www.SymmetryElectronics.com

About WIZnet

Founded in 1998, WIZnet is a leading provider of easy Internet connectivity for devices with its unique Hardware TCP/IP Stack, which fully offloads Internet processing from devices in simple and easy way while maintaining high performance and extreme stability. For more information on WIZnet, visit http://www.WIZnetTechnology.com.

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