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SUBJECT Thou Shalt Communicate! (The Cover Story of Elektor magazine)
NAME WIZnet DATE 2013-01-23 HIT 7183

This article has been published as a cover story of Elektor magazine.




Thou Shalt Communicate!
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/USB shield for Platino and Arduino


By Clemens Vallens (Elektor UK / INT Editorial)

Wi-Fi modules have been inexpensive, plentiful and easy to find these past few years.The problem with many of them however is their manufacturer who refuses to tell you how to use the module unless you agree to transfer a substantial amount of money to the manufacturer’s bank account in exchange for a few thousand modules or a customised software library for your host hardware. Luckily the Korean embedded Internet liberators from WIZnet have decided to be less secretive about their products, and sell Wi-Fi modules you can actually use. I managed to get my hands on two of their WizFi220 modules, and this article is the result.

The WizFi2x0 modules (there is also a WizFi210 module) operates with standard 802.11 b/g/n access points at speeds up to 11 Mbit/s (802.11b), and they support WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK and Enterprise security standards (802.11i). The modules have some really cool possibilities. One of them is the Wi-Fi serial port that’s remarkably easy to use. Another nice feature is its limited access point (AP) capability that allows direct connection to smartphones and tablets like Android-based devices and Apple gadgets.


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