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SUBJECT The opening of WIZnet’s Network Control Lab in Shandong & Xiamen University
NAME WIZnet DATE 2013-07-30 HIT 5592

[The opening of WIZnet’s Network Control Lab in Shandong & Xiamen University]


WIZnet opened WIZnet’s Network Control Lab in Shadong University(Qianfoshan Campus) and Xiamen University of Technology in 2013 to support their teaching materials and research environment on network control area.



-> On the 31st of May, Shandong University has celebrated the opening of WIZnet’s Network Control Lab with WIZnet’s CEO Y.B Lee.



-> On the 17th of July, Xiamen University of Technology has celebrated the opening of WIZnet’s Network control center in Xiamen University of Technology.



WIZnet has sponsored textbook, evaluation board and related equipment for each university on improving the teaching environment and upgrading the lab in the future.


Both labs are open lab for all their students and teachers for the purpose on designing and gets practice on the embedded network control technology. For having this lab, it created an aggressive improvement on developing embedded network control technology.


Moreover, Dr. Guiyou Chen, professor of Shandong University wrote a textbook about network application system design based W5200/STC MCU and W7100A. It published in the beginning of 2013 and the textbook will be used in the related class and more than 5 universities besides 2 campuses of Shandong University.  



- Title : IoT Smart Gateway Design and Application 

- Authors : Dr. Guiyou Chen, Professor of Shandong Uni. / Dr. Haifeng Chen, Senior Engineer of WIZnet



Also, Xiamen University of Technology is now preparing to write a new textbook that based on WIZnet’s latest Hardwired TCP/IP chip W5500 and it will be finished around the start of 2014.


WIZnet very pays attention this cooperation with Shandong & Xiamen University of Technology.

We hope that this lab could be a great opportunity for both parties and have a better future in the China Market.



**Shandong University is a historical University that has all kinds of subjects with power academic strength and distinctive college characteristics. This university is directly managed by our country education departments as a main comprehensive university in China.

**Xiamen University of Technology has found in 1981. It is a local subjective local undergraduate University in Fujian Province. Since Jan of 2013, Fujian Province republic government has approved this University as “Province focus development School”. Now, this University has 47 undergraduate courses and 65 specific ways to invite professional students to get in






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