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SUBJECT [Question] 7. I am developing target boards with the W3100A-LF. How can I verify W3100A-LF working?
NAME WIZnet DATE 2007-05-29 HIT 3044
1. Users must design their hardware according to the Timing Diagram of the W3100A-LF.
2. With the exception of Command, write random value in the Interrupt Register, 4 byte RD/WR/ACK pointer regiater and Common Register and read them. Check if all values are the same in writing and reading.
3. Transmission and Reception Memory Test : Set the uppermost C1_CR(0x01) Register to 1, and write random values into Tx/Rx memory and read it.
4. 4 byte Pointer Reigster Test : Write 4 bytes into the RD/WR/ACK pointer of all channels. ( In this case, you should have a 1.6us dealy after every writing into the Pointer Register) Before reading the register of the targeted pointer, make sure that you read the "Shadow Register" of the targeted Pointer Register. After reading it, you should have a 1.6us delay before you read the 4 bytes of the pointer register. And, verify that both written value and read value are the same.
5. If all the above were verified, set the network information to related registers - Source IP, Gateway IP, Subnet Mask, and MAC address. After that, set 1 into lower bit of the C0_CR(0x00) Register.
6. Run the PING command from the test PC and check that PING reply is proper. If you successfully completed the above procedures, you have passed the test for interface with the devloped hardware.








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